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Wednesday , September 3 , 2003

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Vegetarinat - news

Wednesday 3rd

That's right, Vegetarinat is finally plugged out from life support. If you really want to hear why, I just didn't feel like drawing vegetable-headed people anymore. Although I had a lot planned for Tur & Co, the general idea, style and spirit was missing.
     This is not the end, though. I've been planning a new webcomic for a few months already, and the effort I've put in this project is far over my previous ones.

I've been practising drawing every day and night to reach graphical skills enough for the kind of comic I'm planning to start. I've gone trough the library for every book about hyperspace (higher dimensions), superstring-theory, relativity-theory and the universe. I've visited bars and searched the internet and catalogues for ideas for furnishing. I've sketched like hell to find proper characters and clothes, and that is the phase that still needs work. Storylines for a few episodes are mainly finished.

So, as soon as I get all the aspects polished and the website, which I haven't even started yet, done, I can start drawing and you can start reading... I don't know when Bar Beyond will start, but keep visiting http://barbeyond.keenspace.com for further info when its it's time.

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Envy yourselves, thou Chilren of Fortune because thou shall witness The New Era of Vegetarinat! The new website was opened on Vegetarinat's 1st birthday. And more to come..

July 07, 2003

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