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Coming very soon...


Vegetarinat started from an English-portfolio of culture which needed comic strips... They were made completely by computer, and the nine first ones you can see in the archives ended up into the portfolio. I've had the creative urge to start a webcomic a while, so after the portfolio was ready I started producing more. And producing is the correct word since I had no interest in drawing particularly, so Paint Shop Pro was my only tool.
          Then in that fateful night I found the pen on my table... The first drawn Vegetarinat was born. And the quality was astonishing! (Take a look at yourself.)
          The passion was born.

I dedicated Vegetarinat as a practicing area for all aspects of comic making from drawing and coloring to storywriting and layout. Which should explain the constant style-changes.. I'm not drawing for a comic book -- I'm practicing so I could someday do that.

The story

You know, I wouldn't want to explain the story here because it'd just flatten it.. Like telling what's funny in a joke. Except I don't know about the funniness of the comic...

Just go and read the story from the beginning! And remeber to watch the pictures.


Now what is left for me is hoping you get the idea of Vegetarinat and it's concept. May the fork be with you.

By the way, we're hosted on Keenspace.