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In case you want to spread to good will and happiness and everything, this page has the ways you can give your support to your favorite webcomic... (Vegetarinat, silly!) You know, the more visitors, the more pressure and motivation for me to keep doing the comic. ;)
          And note that none of the below cost you money! :)

You can also access these from the frontpage at the 'support'-section.

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You can help promote Vegetarinat by giving a vote for it on the Top 150 Webcomics.

Vegetarinat is on Top 150 Webcomic's listing, so by clicking the link "Vote for Vegetarinat on Top 150 Webcomics!" on the frontpage you'll give a vote for Veggie to get higher (or, even onto the list.. :) on the list.

Vote for Vegetarinat on Top 150 Webcomics!

Thank you...

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Don't keep Vegetarinat a secret from your pals...

Of course you can also inform your boss/wife/teacher/dog about this wonderful webcomic. Help by spreading the word, it's one of the most efficient ways of advertising.. :)

To help you to help me, I've programmed a messenger to benefit the usefulness of WWW so you can email your friends/boss/wife/teacher/dog..



Click here to open the messenger.

Thank you...

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I'd love to hear what you think of my work so far!

Motivation is an important aspect with this stuff (as you may have noticed.. :), and what can better raise it than a message from someone who have read the comic?
          So grab the keyboard tight and click yourself onto the "contact"-page which has the ways for you to reach me in one neat packet! No matter if your comments are good or bad, I'm waiting for all of them! I'm here to improve and I do the comic for you, so comment, ask, woo, anything.



Click here to go to the Contact-page.

Thank you...

By the way, we're hosted on Keenspace.