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This page exists because I get as much as nothing when it comes to feedback about this comic.. So at least now you can't say you didn't know how to contact me.

Everybody wants feedback... *sniff*

You know that handy system where you write your message by computer, click a button and it's almost instantly at the recipient!

My email address happens to be:

sh_instant_messenger.gif (1743 bytes)

Instantly, indeed!

I'm using only MSN Messenger at the moment, and my username for it is the same as the email above. (I don't want to put it again, I hate spam..)
          If emailing is too boring, pick up the Messenger and give me a sentence!

sh_the_box.gif (793 bytes)

You know, the 'Say'-box on the frontpage?

That's probably the easiest way to contact me, although not that private. I guess..
          Just type in your info and message and you're go! Remember, I'm the most frequent visitor on the frontpage...

Click here if you're too lazy to go all the way up and click on 'Newest' to get to The Box.

By the way, we're hosted on Keenspace.